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We are a church community passionate about celebrating our diverse cultural and ethnic roots and our identity rooted together in Jesus

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Art & Soul

Wednesday 24th Jul 2024, 14.00pm
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F Figuratif 25 X 25 Cm Niankoye Lama Place Du Marche Front 0

Shared Meal, with bread & wine

Thursday 25th Jul 2024, 18.00pm
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Art & Soul

Wednesday 31st Jul 2024, 14.00pm
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Our Vision


Our vision as Roots IWC is to celebrate our diverse cultural and ethnic roots and our identity as rooted together in Jesus.


We want to learn what it means to be rooted in Jesus and explore the meaning of the Gospel together, and to learn from one another through listening deeply and celebrating each other’s gifts, passions, and unique qualities.


This, we hope, will lead to personal and collective growth in understanding, bridging divides, and challenging prejudice within each of us, and articulating our faith in Jesus in everyday ways.

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Learn more about what we’re like and what you can expect when if you join with us at one of our gatherings.

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Featured Projects

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Fusion is an intercultural creative arts & story hub with a Christian ethos. We bring together people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and age groups, exploring stories of Jesus and intercultural narratives from marginalised communities through creative arts. We believe that it is possible to instigate dynamic and profound change in our lives, mindsets and communities through making space for these interactions, giving voice to these stories and creative expressions. In Fusion sessions we think together around a theme or a narrative, and each express our interpretations, questions and passion in relation to that theme or story through an art form taught by a skilled arts facilitator - and we make time for intentional listening to one another as we reflect together on what has been created.

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Book Recommendations

A list of books relating to personal and collective discipleship (engaging with prayer, Scripture and people); rethinking how we do 'church', becoming more intentionally intercultural in our theology and in our worship; unravelling deep-rooted and widespread issues of racism and poverty in our society and in the church; and growing in our gifts and calling towards hospitality and social justice as God's people.

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