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Welcome! At Roots there are a variety of different things to get involved in. Whether you're into social justice and creative arts, praying with people in the park, supporting people who are seeking asylum, or even exploring what the Christian faith is all about, there is something here for you. We look forward to seeing you! Do get in touch if you'd like to find out more about any of these projects, or to let us know that you hope to come along.

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Fusion is an intercultural creative arts & story hub with a Christian ethos. We bring together people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and age groups, exploring stories of Jesus and intercultural narratives from marginalised communities through creative arts. We believe that it is possible to instigate dynamic and profound change in our lives, mindsets and communities through making space for these interactions, giving voice to these stories and creative expressions. In Fusion sessions we think together around a theme or a narrative, and each express our interpretations, questions and passion in relation to that theme or story through an art form taught by a skilled arts facilitator - and we make time for intentional listening to one another as we reflect together on what has been created.

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Shared meal, with bread & wine

Welcome! This is a monthly space for us to gather together to share food, bread and wine together as we reflect on all that God has done for us. All are welcome! We talk about the landmarks of our lives together and notice God's fingerprints in the middle of our everyday activities, we pray together for each other and for situations that concern us in our community and in the world, and we reflect on a Bible passage. Bring along a dish to share - either home-made or bought; it doesn't have to be extravagant! Perhaps a food that has some meaning to you, or a food that brings back memories for you, or a food from your culture or background.

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Dancing And Movement

Cafe gatherings

This is an opportunity for us to gather together in a lovely cafe space that we hire (let us know if you'd like to join in and we'll send you some directions!) to worship together, explore the Bible, dig deep into big questions together, pray for one another and pray for situations on our minds locally and globally. All are very welcome! These gatherings take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month, at 6pm. You're also welcome to bring your family, or a friend, neighbour or colleague if you like, or come on your own - let us know if you need help finding the building. We have free access to the church car park right next to the Lounge space. Looking forward to seeing you!

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Celebration of Culture events

Two or three times a year, we have special events celebrating a particular culture or tradition. These are an opportunity to taste delicious food, hear fantastic music, learn about fascinating traditions, intriguing history and stories that bring to light some of the ways that families or workplaces or worshiping communities might function differently to what is seen as 'normal' here in the UK. Let's get to know one another and find out more about each other's backgrounds, worldviews, family lives and special memories! If you'd like to host a Celebration of Culture event, let us know and we'd be delighted to explore possibilities with you.

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Intercultural Bible Study

On Tuesday afternoons twice a month we meet to study a Bible passage together in our various languages. We go through the passage slowly together, imagine ourselves in the scene hearing or experiencing what is going on for the first time, and discuss what it means to us. We talk about any words or phrases that we find confusing or interesting, and we listen for God speaking into our lives. All are welcome!

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Mens Group

Men's Group

The Roots men’s group launched in January and is a great blessing and encouragement to those involved! The group gathers at 7pm on Mondays in the city centre. They share refreshments, get to know one another and each other’s journey of faith, discuss a topic and look at a Bible passage together, and support one another in prayer. If you’re a man and want to attend, let us know and we’ll connect you in!

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