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Hi! We are the leadership team at Roots. Get in touch if you want someone to pray with or explore big questions of faith with - or to find out more about getting involved in the life and ministry of Roots. We're looking forward to getting to know you!


Kat Gibson

Intercultural Pioneer Minister

Hi! I'm Kat, and I'm 'Intercultural Pioneer Minister' here at Roots. I moved here from Gloucester with my husband Ben towards the start of 2020, and love Leicester very much! I'm passionate about bringing people together to learn from each other, pursuing social justice, exploring people's God-given gifts, experimenting with different ways of praying and engaging with Scripture, and noticing God's fingerprints in our everyday lives.

Chantal Griffin

Chantal Griffin

Safeguarding Officer

Safeguarding is all of our responsibilities. You may think of safeguarding as having concerns of an individual being abused in some way, but it’s not just that. It is also acting in ways that reduce any risk of harm. This can be mental ill-health of a person, homelessness, dementia – anything that could put that person in a harmful position. Let’s look out for each other, and if you have a concern, no matter how small or even if you’re not sure, let's have a chat about it.

Ben 2

Ben Gibson

Pastoral support & Hospitality

Hi, I'm Ben! I help out with pastoral support and hospitality at Roots. I've lived in Leicester with my wife Kat since early 2020 and love it here! I work for a charity in Loughborough, and I volunteer one day a week as a counsellor. I'm passionate about prayer ministry and listening to people. I'm half Finnish. I love learning about other cultures and how their worldviews can inform life and faith.

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